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Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the UAE

Rich and vibrant, Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a thriving destination that is changing energetically and responsibly with the times.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is blessed with year-round sunshine and bathed in natural beauty – from the sweeping desert, spectacular sand dunes and glorious coastline to the simmering red sunsets and lush greenery of its parks and mangroves. 

Abu Dhabi is a city of beauty, history, religion, customs, traditions and international magnetism. It is a contemporary expression of an Arab city,and succeeds in bridging the gap between cultures and civilizations. 

Setting the standard with world-class amenities and services, it offers a luxurious but affordable lifestyle for the people who come to live, work and relax on vacation The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque epitomizes the traditional heritage whilst a great interest for the Arts is emerging along with an unparalleled increase in commerce, industry and tourism. New buildings are reshaping the skyline creating a sensational spectacle along the coastline at night, while during the day the stunning waterfront, known as the Corniche, is a delight for everyone. 

The Corniche stretches for miles along the coastline and is the place to go for all sorts of social events and water sports, from shopping and dining to relaxing on the sandy beaches.

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